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How do I add new blocks exactly where I want them, not at the bottom? (default)

Follow this short guide to add new blocks exactly where you want them and not at the bottom (default).

If you want to add a new block to your form by clicking here:

... The block will be added at the bottom of your form structure by default.

This is irrelevant if you have just a few blocks. You can simply hover over the block and drag it up on your list:

However, if you have many blocks, this may me unconvenient.

To add a block at a specific place of your form, go to the preview section of your editor, hover over the block where you want to add the next block, and click the plus sign:

That will open the right-side panel, where you can select the block type, and the block will be added right below the field you are selecting.| xx

You may also drag and drop blocks while editing.

Updated on: 15/05/2024

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