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How to generate a unique ID for each new submission?

If you need a unique identifier for your form submissions, we can generate a unique ID for each submission. You have the choice between two different formats:

Auto-incremented number: the first submission will have the ID "1", the second will have the ID "2", and so on.
A unique random ID with the UUID format (with the following format: 820f1844-bd04-44a0-aa69-d7e8b77c22ce)

Here's how to use this feature:

Add a new text property in your Form
In OpnForm, open the settings for that new text column:

Scroll down to the Advanced Section of the window, and choose one between our two options (auto-incremented ID or randomly generated).

Save your form and you're done!

Note when setting up this option for a column, we will automatically hide the column in your form. In your list of fields you can see that the option is enabled for a field with the text "Auto ID"

Updated on: 11/12/2023

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