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How to invite users / team members to my workspace?

Ensure you have a Pro Subscription first.
Remember, inviting additional users incurs a cost.

Steps to Invite a User:

Access Your Account:
- Log in to your account on the platform.
- Navigate to the Account Settings section.

Navigate to Workspace Settings:
- Locate and click on Workspace Settings within your account dashboard.

Invite a New User:
- Find the Add User or Invite User option.
- Click on it to proceed.

Please Note:
- Inviting a new user to your workspace is a billable event.
- You will be charged $6 per month for each additional user.
- For more details on billing and pricing, visit the Billing and Pricing Page.

AppSumo Subscription Tiers and User Invitations:

- Tier 1: Does not allow user invitations.
- Tier 2: Limits you to inviting only 5 users.
- Tier 3: Grants you the flexibility to invite as many users as required.

Always review your subscription plan and billing details before inviting new users to manage your workspace costs effectively.

Updated on: 11/07/2024

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