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How to put multiple inputs on the same line?

You can put up to 4 inputs on the same line. To do so, you just need to adjust the width of your different inputs.

To arrange your form you can give your different inputs different widths, choosing from:

Full width
1/2 of the full form width
1/3 of the full form width
1/4 of the full form width
2/3 of the full form width
3/4 of the full form width

To change the width of an input, just open the settings of this field by clicking the blue cog next to the field in the left menu.

Then, in the right-side panel, just use the “Input width” select, to pick your desired width.

Note: If you have two blocks together, and you give them the 1/2 width, they will align together in the same line, creating a two-column layout.

Updated on: 11/12/2023

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