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How to undo and redo actions while editing the form?

Navigate to the Form Editor page to customize and update your form design. Should you wish to backtrack or revert any modifications, the process is straightforward:

Undo Changes: If you've made edits that you no longer want, simply click the Undo button located in the top right corner of the page. This action will reverse your most recent change, allowing you to step back through your revisions one at a time.

Redo Changes: Conversely, if you've undone an edit and wish to reapply it, use the Redo button, also found in the upper right area. This button reinstates changes that were previously undone, giving you full control over your form's evolution.

These intuitive controls empower you to experiment with different design iterations, confident in the knowledge that you can easily revert to previous states at any point. Enjoy the flexibility and precision these tools offer as you refine your form to meet your exact specifications.

You also have the option to leverage these handy keyboard shortcuts for quicker navigation:

- Undo: Press CTRL + Z
- Redo: Utilize CTRL + SHIFT + Z

These shortcuts can help streamline your workflow and save time while using editing or creating your forms.

Updated on: 05/07/2024

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