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Is my data safe with OpnForm?

OpnForm Data Security Features

Adherence to Best Practices in Data Security

- Secure Coding & Data Encryption: Developed with secure coding practices and data encryption, both in transit and at rest.
- Regular Security Audits: Commitment to regular security audits and continuous monitoring.

Open-Source Transparency

- Fully Open-Source Codebase: Enhances security and reliability through community peer review.
- Collaborative Scrutiny: Global developer community contributions for improved security.

Expert-Designed Production Setup

- Crafted by Ex-AWS Engineer: Leverages the best cloud infrastructure and security practices.
- Robust & Scalable Architecture: Designed with fail-safes against common and emerging threats.

Regular Updates and Patch Management

- Frequent Security Updates: Regular updates including security patches.
- Prompt Vulnerability Addressing: Prioritization of security advisories and vulnerabilities.

Data Privacy Compliance

- Compliance with Major Regulations: Adherence to GDPR, CCPA, and other data protection laws.
- Commitment to User Privacy: Ensures user data sovereignty and privacy.

User Control and Data Ownership

- Data Control & Ownership: Complete control over data with clear access, backup, and recovery policies.
- Data Portability: Features supporting data export and the right to be forgotten.

End-to-End Security Features

- Multi-factor Authentication & Role-Based Access: Enhanced layers of security and traceability.
- Audit Logs: For additional security and monitoring.

Community Engagement and Responsiveness

- Active User Community Engagement: Prompt addressing of feedback and security concerns.

Continuous Improvement and Learning

- Adaptation to Evolving Threats: Commitment to continuous learning and improvement in security practices.

Updated on: 11/12/2023

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