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Customizing the reply-to for submission confirmation emails sent to form respondents

With OpnForm, you can customize the reply-to field of the form submission confirmation email. With this feature, you can ensure that your form respondents can easily reply to the right email address. Here's how it works:

Custom Reply-To Address

If you've specified a custom reply-to email address in your notification settings, the notification emails will use this address as the reply-to. This means that when you receive a form submission notification and choose to reply, your response will be directed to the specified email address.

Fallback to the Form Creator's Email

If the custom reply-to field is empty, the reply-to address will default to the email address of the person who created the form. This ensures that even if no custom or respondent-provided email is available, you can still maintain communication through the form creator's email address.

How to Set Up Reply-To Options

To configure the Reply-To options for your form submission confirmation email, follow these steps:

Access your OpnForm Dashboard

Log in to your OpnForm account and navigate to the dashboard where your forms are listed.

Choose a Form and go to Integrations tab.

Select the specific form for which you want to configure the reply-to options, and open the form editor.

Configure Notification Settings

In the integrations tab, click "Submission confirmation" and you'll find an option to set a custom reply-to email address if desired. Enter the email address you want to use for reply-to in the designated field.

(Optional) Check Email Fields

Review your form to ensure it contains only one email field for respondents. If your form meets this criteria and respondents are required to fill it out, the reply-to will automatically be set to their provided email addresses.

Save Changes

With OpnForm' Reply-To option, you have the flexibility to manage your form submission notifications and streamline your communication with respondents. Whether you prefer to use a custom email address, the respondent's email, or the form creator's email, OpnForm ensures that your email notifications are tailored to your needs.

Updated on: 01/04/2024

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