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How do I add and manage tags?

Tags are very useful for organizing your forms. Here's how to work with them in OpnForm.

Log into OpnForm and enter your form's editor:

Locate the tags section on the left-side panel.

You can use the drop-down to select a tag if you have created it before. If not just type a name for your tag and then click "create [tag name]."

The tag will be added to your form and you can now click "publish form" to save the changes.

You can now go to "You Forms" and filter all of your form based on tags by clicking over a specific tag name on the dashboard.

How do I remove a tag from my form?

Go to your form editor again, locate the "Tags" section and uncheck the previously assigned tag. Save your changes.


To remove tag options from your list, remove the tag from the checked options on your form(s) and save the changes.

If none of your forms uses the tag, it will be removed from your list.

Updated on: 09/01/2024

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