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How do I import my responses into Google Sheets?

Follow these steps to import your form responses into Google Sheets.

First, you need to export your responses as a CSV file.

Log into OpnForm and click on your form.

You will be automatically sent to the "Submissions tab."

There you have the option to export your responses as a CSV file.

If you export the file to your computer and open the file it will automatically open via Excel or Numbers (if you have these apps installed).

If you prefer to view the responses in Google Sheets, please export your CSV file as explained above.

Visit this link and log into your Google account in case you're not logged in already, and then click this button on the bottom-right corner, and select "Create new spreadsheet."

Once your spreadsheet has been created, click these options:

Upload the file from your computer

Updated on: 31/01/2024

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